Incontinence Pad 2Incontinence Pad

Incontinence Pad – Extra Large (137cm x 91cm)

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£ 24.99

Product Description;

Carousel Care Incontinence Pads consist of 3 layers, the top layer allows moisture into the product but resists it coming back out again, the second layer is a high absorbency pad that contains the moisture, the bottom layer is a waterproof membrane to prevent seepage.

The pad is machine washable at 90 c.

Ideal aid for bladder weakness, incontinence, this specialised pad is made up of 3 layers for ultimate comfort and protection. The top layer is made from Wicking Polyester, which lets the moisture in but doesn’t let it escape. The next layer is a high absorbency felt pad and finally, the bottom layer is made of waterproof backing material.

Machine washable. High quality, moisture absorbent materials. Comfortable and practical.

Anti-microbial and Hypo-allergenic.

Sizes & Prices;
Small – 43cm x 43cm – £11.99
Medium – 71cm x 69cm – £14.99
Large – 91cm x 71cm – £19.99
Extra Large – 137cm x 91cm – £24.99